Selasa, 24 April 2012

Unwritten Rules (M. A. Stacie)

Published January, 2011 TWCS Publishing House

It seems like I'm watching blue film when reading this novel. Seduction is everywhere. I was just curious when I read the review in goodreads, something about two attractive people who got attracted together by their mailbox. I first thought about something like Il mare, a Korean drama I watched years ago. And I really love the movie. Then the movie was adopted to American movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves as the main characters. But I thought wrong about the book. I expected too much, that I got disappointed.

Elle lives in an apartment, Jonah Quinn lives in the same apartment, above Elle's room. They secretly get attracted each other but none or nothing seems drow them closer. Until one day, when Elle almost gets into trouble with some bad guys, and Jonah saves her. From then on, two people who got sexually attracted each other start their conversation. But seems that they mostly prefer using their body language to using verbal langauge. LOL. In Jonah's room, in the rooftop when the blasting rain pouring down, and wherever they can. Body language, you knwo what I mean. 

The conflict is just that. Jonah gets a family problem and Elle tries hard to help. That's all. Huh. I ended reading this book without really finishing it. Got bored with the seductive scenes. LOL

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