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BOOK KALEIDOSCOPE 2012 – The 5 Most Favorite Books

Yeaahh… I’m writing this journal on December 30th, 2012. It means one day before this year ends. Well, this time I’d like to wrap up the books I read during this whole year, and I’d like to pick 5 most favorite books. It’s kind of difficult to decide since I’ve been through some great books—some even change my preference in genre. I’ve been looking at my reading challenge list in Goodreads to decide to select books I’m going to write here. But then, I have to go through my reviews I wrote, and pick which ones I wrote with full of concentration and even emotion since I really love the books. One more thing, it’s hard to rank them which one should be placed as the first, second and so forth. So, I just write down the five books that made me head over heels with the characters or the writer, or sobbed of the tragedy or laughed my heads out with the humor. 

Well, here I go:

This is my first encounter with Agustinus Wibowo. His name was unknown until I got a recommendation from a friend of mine. I read the ratings in Goodreads, too, and the least rating is 3 stars—most of my contacts gave it 4-5 stars. I admit that I love the way he told the story of his journey in Afghansitan. I even missed reading his book as soon as I finished this book. I can’t wait to buy Garis Batas. 

Mitch Albom is also a new name I know this year. Out of curiosity, I borrowed the books from my friend, then….. zaaappp… I got under his spell. His back-and-forth-telling way is his signature. I did enjoy it. His charm in words made me highlight some here and there. And…ahhh… blame this book for changing the book genre I used to get nuts—fantasy. Since I encounter with this book, it’s a bit hard  for me to get drawn with fantasy books. Fiction is OK, but not with the author-made-creature. 

3.       Momo by Michael Ende

I have to punch myself for putting this book as my favorite book since it contradicts with the precious book I wrote. Hahaha… Frankly, I could enjoy Momo since it’s children fantasy book. The characters here are human and the setting can be called as a neverwhere. The people’s characters are quite similar to people around us; manipulative, corruptive, but some are loyal and humane—more humane than us, the real human being. 

I read this book not on purpose for reading challenge with Historical fiction theme. It was not fiction, though. It’s based on  true story from someone Xinran interviewed. I got a lot of pictures of Tibet and the way Tibetans live their life. It’s wonderful yet heartbreaking.

I just knew a new genre called dystopian after I joined Goodreads, especially Blogger Buku Indonesia. The overwhelming discussion about this trilogy got my attention. I downloaded the ebook, then I couldn’t stop reading it. I even bought the boxset—something rare for me. I was not sure, is it the new genre that attracted me or the way Suzanne Collins set the story. All I know is I can’t read other dystopian books after THG. So, the conclusion is, Suzanne Collins then…. LOL.

Well, overall, I should send my gratitude to my contacts in Goodreads, my friends in Semarang who willingly give me recommendation, lend me the books that later broaden my reading genre. Thanks to my friends in BBI who always have brilliant ideas to have new things in reading challenge so that I could know new things that made me read a bit out of the box.  

Happy New Year, buddies

Wish to have greater piles of books and reading challenges.

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  1. Momo itu emang kereeen bangeeet. Novel pertama yang membuatku jatuh cinta dengan fantasi :))

    1. Hihihi... Sayangnya abis Momo, aku malah ngga naksir fantasy lagi, gegara Micth Albom wkwkwk

  2. meskipun ga naksir fantasy lagi, Harry Potter tetep favorit sepanjang masa kan mba? heheeee... :)

  3. Wow Momo! Duluuu bgt pernah baca dan gagal finish :p kayanya aku musti kasih kesempatan kedua buat buku ini ya :D

  4. waaah, ad yg mw minjemin sya Momo? *celingukan salah fokus*