Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Reading Challenge 2013

Yiippiieee…… I’m both excited and enthusiastic welcoming this coming year. Why? The reason is I have some challenges to fulfill during the whole year of 2013 as a blogger.
For all these years, since I started blogging in 2006, I’ve become a raise and fall blogger. Well, it’s not the right term, I guess. What I mean here is, I’ve been in some different moods as a blogger. When I’m in a good aura, I would be writing whatever I have in mind. But when my aura got cloudy, don’t ask. Sometimes, I don’t have enough confidence to call myself as a blogger #sigh

But, as soon as I belong to Blogger Buku Indonesia member, I ought to post at least once or twice, or thanks goodness if I can post more than 3 postings. BBI really urges me to be consistent to myself.

So here they are, my reading challenges for next year.

The idea is coming from Melisa Mariani. Some bloggers here of course have finished reading Harry Potter series, but perhaps, only few of us have written the review in their blog. For me, Harry Potter series would be a life time novels that I would never get bored reading them. since I haven’t written any review of the book, so that’s why I would join this reading challenge.

I love reading children books even though I don’t read that much. What I know is I enjoy reading books by Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Judy Blume, and for this challenge I provide Laura Ingalls Wilder novel, Little House on The Prairie. And I expect to find Astrid Lindgren books, too. Let’s see.

I used to enjoy some heroic comics by local writers when I was in elementary school or junior high school. I was familiar with Kho Ping Ho, Widi Widayat, Herman Pratikto and some other names who used to write comic which related to Indonesia history. So, I thought, why don’t give myself a try to read one of Eiji’s masterpieces? Taiko is my choice. I don’t have any other choice since I only got Taiko in my e-reader. It’s in PDF format, and it’s 1800 something pages. Oh. My. God.

Well, I think that’s all my reading challenge for 2013. Aside from those challenges, I still want to join some monthly reading challenges held by some friends from BBI. Oya, I also have some other reading challenges in mind that I’d like to join. Yet, the master post has not been released yet. It’s A Name in Reading Challenge and English Books Reading Challenge. OK, I’ll update as soon as I get the master post from the hosts. 

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  1. Good luck for your 2013 reading challenge! Aku juga ikutan yg Harry Potter itu doang :P