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THE HUNGER GAMES (Suzanne Collins)

Format: Epub ebook
Published October 31. 2008
by Scholastic Inc

How does a country commemorate its country’s rebellion? Indonesia got its rebel in 1965 when Indonesian Communist Party tried to occupy the government by attacking all parts of fields to get its power. Indonesian government succeeded in eliminating the communist power by arresting some prominent officials who involved in its rebellion and dissolved the party. Every October 5, Indonesia holds a ceremony to commemorate the heroes who died in struggling the honor of the country. Capitol, on the contrary holds a bloody game, called Hunger Games to commemorate the rebellion that happened 75 years ago. Capitol formerly had 13 districts but then the 13th district held a rebellion which caused the district eliminated forever. The Hunger Games itself is held to remind all districts not to even try to do the similar thing like District 13.

That’s the main plot of the first trilogy Hunger Games brilliantly written by Suzanne Collins. The 2008 novel portrayed how terrible Capitol treated its citizens in all districts, except District 2. The Hunger Games was held every year by inviting 2 tributes from each district, age above 12. The main characters in the novel are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark from District 12 which has only one victor for the last 75 years, Haymitch.  None of the civilians lived in proper life. Peeta whose parents have a bakery was lucky enough, but Katniss whose father died in mine accident had to struggle by herself since her mother lost control since his death. Katniss earned her living by selling her hunting victims together with her best friend, Gale.
When her sister’s name was announced to be the tribute in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss provided herself as tribute to volunteer her sister. She promised her family to be the victor in this 74th Hunger Games to get better life. Katniss, 16, expert in archery, had to steady herself to kill all tributes from other districts. Peeta, about the same age, whose expertise only in baking, had to work together with Katniss to be the victor. But, in the end of the Games, there’s only one victor could survive. Peeta or Katniss?

Reading this novel is like riding a roller coaster. Emotional, touching, angered by Capitol and many other feelings really happened to me. Not to mention the other characters who played important roles in Katniss performance, Cinna, Haymitch, her prep team, colored the pages of the novel. Peeta’s feeling towards her which he had been keeping since he was 6 years moved me a lot. Is there any genuine unconditional love like that?
I can say that this novel is the second novel that for me is a real page turning novel after Harry Potter series. I choked when Sirius Black and Dumbledore died, but I literally sobbed and was teary in one of the scenes in this novel, mostly listen to the song attributed to one of the tributes when she died. The hardship during Hunger Games Katniss must face, the image she must perform in front of cameras, the enemies she must encounter would never make anyone put down the book until the very end.

Here's the song I was moved by in the book. There are so many versions, but so far, this is my favorite

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  1. imho, lebih asyik video rue's lullaby disertakan di sini :D

    1. As you wish, bro.... (ndangak liat video)

  2. Wow, bacanya versi bahasa Inggris ya? Kemampuan bahasa Inggrisku agak parah. Tapi The Hunger games memang keren. Baru baca buku 1 sih. Buku 2 sudah punya, tp masih ngantri baca yg lain. :)

    1. baca versi Engliahnya karena sayang duit. Kalo ada ebooknya, kenapa beli bukunya? Hahaha... Tapiii... Setelah selesai semua bukunya, en berpikir klo trilogy ini layak koleksi, akhirnya beli jg boxsetnya... Itu jg nyari yg diskonnya banyak... *uhuk, jadi seret dompetnya* :)