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Format: Epub (Ebook)
Pages: 315 (Iriver cover story e-reader)
Published August 24, 2010
Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finally, this is the last logy of trilogy Hunger Games.

Katniss woke up in a totally unfamiliar place. This is District 13. Welcome, Mockingjay.
The Quarter Quell didn’t finish with a victor. There were some people who sabotaged the game by exploding the arena and saved Katniss and some tributes, but Peeta. He ended up as a prisoner in Capitol. Katniss was restless.

The game for Katniss was endless. There’s President Coin who ruled District 13 urged her to be Mockingjay, the rebellion symbol. Some propos, cameras and prep team were provided for Katniss for another bloody game. This time Gale, some other victors, camera crew and the producer of the game came along. The missions were to beat Capitol, killed President Snow and saved Peeta. However, Peeta was saved before the missions accomplished. The problem was he was back not in his own state of mind…

Some readers are a bit disappointed with the last logy of Hunger Games.  At first, I felt the same way since all the things happened in District 13 felt a bit boring: Katniss’ training and her unsteady feeling about whether what she did was right or not. Thank goodness that she started to be sure about her feeling towards Peeta instead of Gale, her gorgeous ‘cousin’. But then, I found that this novel has the same charm as the previous ones since Collins provided some surprises here and there. Some are great, some are heart breaking. I love the ending, though.

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