Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

More and More Reading Challenge 2013. Anyone? :D

OK, it’s been a dilemma for me to add some more reading challenge (RC) this year 2013. In my previous post, I told you that it’s possible for me to add some reading challenge. But at that time, I didn’t know that I would be feeling like adding some more—what is it? It’s not a burden since I love reading, but it feels like I’m being arrogant to join the number of reading challenge. But then, I found out that some piles of my to-be-read books meet those requirements of my new RC. So, I finally decided to…… add some more reading challenge.

I committed to join: Eiji Yoshikawa RC, Children Literature RC and Hotter Potter RC. Then, since some awesome generous friends of mine held new RC, I can’t stand still looking at the RC without taking part in them. So here they are, my new RC:

1.       What’s in Name RC. 

This RC is held by Ren who challenged the participants to read at least 12 books containing name in the title. Well, I have some in my piles. Take a look at the picture :D

 For more info, check Ren's Little Corner blog

2.       English Books RC

Teh Peni challenged us to read at least 12 books in English. That means we must read at least 1 book every month. Well, for me, who is crazy about piling more and more ebooks, reading English books is not a real problem. But, I think I want to read mooore than just 12 books :D

For more information, check Ketimbun Buku

3.       Finding New Author RC

I was both amazed and surprised with Ren’s idea. She got this brilliant idea to find new author, someone whose writing is new for me. For me, once again, an ebook collector, of course I got some piles of new authors in my ebook reader as well as my paper back piles. So, I don’t see why not to give it a try?
For more info, check out Ren's Little Corner blog

Well, that’s all, I guess my reading challenge this year. In my goodreads account I challenge myself to read 60 books. I set my challenge 44 books last year, but I end up reading 55 books. Yeay. Alhamdulillah. Hmm… I gotta go. I gotta read, read… and read…. Have fun with your reading challenge, folks. Good luck.

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