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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret (JK. Rowling)

Paperback, 366 pages
Published 2000 by Bloomsbury Publishing
Rating 5/5

I forgot the exact time when I first read this book. Maybe right after I finished reading the first book that means it was in 2001. And I also don’t remember how many times I read this book since I still remember the exact scenes from chapter to chapter (maybe I forgot some parts, but that’s only the trivia scenes, like The Deathday Party). Or maybe I watched the movie too many times? Well, I’ve got no idea.

This book tells about the second year of Harry Potter in Hogwarts. As eager and enthusiastic as before his first year in school. He had to face another battle with his parents’ murderer, though, and he happened to win the battle. Good friends, Quidditch, Hagrid and some teachers are what make Harry feel home, different from the place he had lived for 11 years, The Dursleys’. But, a warning came to him by Dobby, a house elf, not to come back to school. It said, there would be a plot that puts Harry into mortal danger if he comes back to school. A plot has been made by the Dark Lord to come back with the help of his accomplices. 


I think I can’t make this review longer since I’m sure most of you have read this book for …. I don’t know how many times. Plus, the movie is aired from one TV channel to other channels from year to year. Well, I guess I don’t need to write the review as complete as possible. Right?

However, I have some other things to write, though. Since this is my third or maybe more time I read this book, so I of course have some favorite scenes that I wait since I open the first page. Here are some favorite scenes I highlight in my mind:

  1.     The moment when The Weasleys rescued Harry from Uncle Vernon’s bars. You know, it’s cool to have a flying car. I, for the world would like to have one. Cars are for Muggles, brooms are for wizards and witches. The truth about it is when we found out the hidden obsession of Arthur Weasley about Muggles’ things. I, Muggle, really have obsession of magic if only it really exist. Oh, well, humans, Muggles or non Muggle, never fully feel satisfied.
  2.     The moment when Harry speaks parseltounge without realizing he could. In the previous book, little Harry talked to a Brazilian boa. In the movie, Harry spoke to boa in English, and even boa said ‘Thanks’ to Harry when he rescued it. In the movie version of this episode, Harry hissed to a serpent to show it was parseltongue, instead of English. Oyeah, suddenly I do wonder, was there any purpose of Draco to transfigure his wand into a serpent? The issue of the school was about The Heir of Slytherin would arise from The Chamber of Secret. The Slytherin symbol is a green serpent. Did Draco want to show off that he might be the heir? Or was it a trap? Even Dumbledore had not got the idea of Harry as a Horcrux of Tom Riddle. I got no clue.
  3.     The moment when Harry gave his sock to Dobby to free the house elf. It was really a brilliant idea. It was like a counter strike for Malfoy family for what they have done to Harry.  Later in the next books, Dobby is one of Harry’s saviors that I rely on. And Rowling freed Dobby so that the elf will be anywhere, including in Harry’s side in difficult moments.
  4.     The battle moment, especially when Harry unsheathed Godric Gryffindor’s sword. Dumbledore said that only a true Gryffindor could have pulled that out of the Sorting Hat. Next is the moment when Harry got a company of Fawkes and a Sorting Hat. What could they do to help him kill Basilisk? Rowling is a true witch herself. 

Those were moments I did look for and enjoy during my reading. Yet, I also got some questions and some parts I would least read.
  1. When the Whomping Willow was about to crash Ron’s flying car, why was the car out control? Why couldn’t Ron control it, and instead it threw the passengers out the car and went into the Forbidden Forest?
  2.      What if the platform 9 ¾ was not locked, and Harry and Ron didn’t go to Hogwarts by car, would there be any help when they were cornered by Aragog’s friends and family? I dunno. My question seems silly after all. Forget it.
  3.     The moment when Harry and Ron had to see Aragog. Well, I’m not as paranoid as Ron to see spiders, but to see that giant spiders? I would say no for the world. Even reading, I would prefer skip it. But the truth about who opened the Chamber of Secret 50 years ago would still lead to Hagrid if I skip this part. Oh, well….
  4.     The Deathday party, I don’t think it gave significance in the story but to provide scenes Harry was the right person in the wrong place. There was another attack. Attack can happen anywhere and anytime. Not just after the party held by the dead with disgusting dish: large rotten fish, burned charcoal black, great maggoty haggis, a slab of cheese covered in a furry green mould, and an enormous grey cake in the shape of a tombstone. Hueeekk…. And why do I type it here? Just skip this part.

OK, that’s all I remember for the questions I have in mind. If you happen to read this review and have the answer, would you kindly give me the hints? Thank you.

This review is to upload for some reading challenges I join this year :

1.       Hotter Potter

2.       What’s in A Name Challenge

3.       English books challenge

4.       Children Literature.

For Children Literature, this Seri is recommended for children age 9-11 years. According to, this book got some awards as follow:

Nestlé Smarties Book Prize 1998 Gold Medal 9-11 years

Scottish Arts Council Children’s Book Award 1999 FCBG Children’s Book Award 1998 Overall winner and Longer Novel Category

 British Book Awards 1998 Children’s Book of the Year

North East Book Award 1999

North East Scotland Book Award 1998

The Booksellers Association / The Bookseller Author of the Year 1998

 Whitaker's Platinum Book Award 2001.

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