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Rape Girl (Alina Klein)

Ebook (pdf format), 129 pages
Published June 5, 2012 by namelos
Rating 3/5

Can you imagine to be raped by someone you are attracted to? How would you feel? Happy? Relieved that finally you could get his attention? Owh, well, think again. It’s R-A-P-E

According to online Thesaurus, Rape means:
1.       The crime forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse
2.       The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction
3.       Abusive or improper treatment, violation

Judging from the above definition, Rape is rape, something taken by force even by someone you are attracted to. Nothing you can do but turn to justice. The problem is, can you just rely on the justice to resolve the problem?

Valerie Durrant, 16 year-old girl had her terrible experience on the night when her mother was not home. She was the one who threw the party, she was the one who expected Adam to attend her party, she was the one who lost control in her drink and that’s how all happened. Adam raped her in her own house, in her couch, she meant to reject, but Adam…

Cannot stand what Adam did to her, Valerie and her mother reported it to the police. They pursued it to court. From the incident, Valerie had to overcome her school friends turning away from her and calling her as The Rape Girl, even Mimi, her best friend, and she had to spend some sessions in a group of girls which they shared their experience being really raped.

Reading this novel suddenly reminded me of a teenage movie quite long ago, Juno. Of course they are different from each other since Juno was not about raping. Something that reminds me was just the main character who is young and experience sexual intercourse at the very young age. Juno did it out of her curiosity; Valerie got it as a scar in her young age. Another similarity is how they struggle to face their society with their condition.

Aline Klein as the writer of this novel uses Valerie point of view as the narrator. She could depict Valerie’s feeling, especially when she faced series of unfair judgments from her friends, Adam’s irresponsible act, etc. Unfortunately, I had to be disappointed with the ending of the story. This 129 page-novel is too short. However, from the very beginning, it showed that it would be in vain to fight the justice without strong witnesses. 

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  1. menarik, sayang belum terbit bahasa indonesianya ya?

    1. Iya, lumayan menarik sih, meskipun terlalu pendek untuk sebuah novel