Minggu, 04 November 2012

ANDY SQUARED (Jennifer Lavoie)

Ebook, 180 pages (Epub format)
Published, September 18, 2012 by Bold Stroke Books
Rating 3/5

Have you seen a gay couple dating, holding hands in public and showing passion to each other? No? how if you do? Will you show your respect or disgust?

It’s complicated especially in Indonesia where gay relationship is considered a sin.

Andrea and Andrew Morris are seventeen-year-old twins, who share a lot of things together; school, friends, interest in sports and even rooms! Their brother sister thing goes along well until Ryder Coltrane comes up. This tall, green-eyed guy is really a girls’ attraction. He’s a real honk on the first he comes to school. Andrew, the knock out football player for his school reluctantly admits that he is hot. Andrew. Not Andrea. Wh--what?

Indeed. Andrew gets attracted to him on the first day of his arrival. Andrew, the popular guy who changes his dates every other week gets knocked out by Ryder’s green eyes, sweet smile, and gets flushed in Ryder’s touch. He stops dating. He stops getting around his friends. He stops messing around with his twin. He stops his interest in any girls. He stops his interest to continue college with his twin. All he wants is stay next to Ryder. Sweet…


How many books do you read about gay things? For me, this is my second time. Different from the first book I read, this novel is quite page turning. I finished it only in two days with 180 pages. Probably it is a kind of my break after reading a quite heartwarming yet heart breaking book, Selimut Debu, or the simple conflict that made me read it flash. I just liked the way Jennifer Lavoie described relationship between Andrew-Ryder, Andrew-Andrea, Andrew-his parents, Andy-his best friends including his ex-girlfriends. 

However, the issue about gay thing is not really something new. The conflict ends sweetly and a bit easy to predict. I wish that later in her next novel, Jennifer would put more twisted conflicts. Her first novel is pretty good, though. I recommend this book to teens and can be parents who might encounter twisting sexual orientation of their children.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Andy Squared! I am glad you enjoyed it. I love seeing where readers are from, and especially how readers from other cultures may interpret the book. Thank you again for reading!