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Book Kaleidoscope 2012: Top 5 Best Covers

Aha, let's try to judge a book from its cover, oh no, it should be the cover doesn't guarantee you a satisfaction of a book. For this, let the authors, the book publishers give theif gratitude to the book designers. Frankly speaking, it's a bit hard for me to judge the cover and then compare the beauty of the cover with the content of the book, how the story influenced me mentally and emotionally, I can say, they don't really fit to each other.   But then again, this is all about the cover of a book, and not about the book itself. So, here I go. 

5. Palace of Ilussions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. 
It's a bit disappointing why the translated novel should be changed, but still, I love the cover. It shows how imaginative the palace is, not real. The dispered colors around the palace support the illusion itself.

4. Selimut Debu by Agustinus Wibowo 

Frankly speaking, it's hard to differentiate between the cover and the content since I love the book. Yet, the face in the cover of this book shows how frustrating she was, and the dark background really support how gloomy the situation--the theme of the book.  

3. A Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire 

This one is the book I told you in the beginning of this journal. I fell in love with the cover, but I got disappointed with the story. The idea of a butterfly inside a jar is brilliant. Butterfly represents beauty, but then it's put inside a jar, it would court catastrophe. The cover and the tittle really go along together.  

2. On The Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves 

It isn't far too different from the previous book. Oh, but I do remember how I was attracted to one's review about this book. However it's a kind of boring to read their life on the island. But, hey, it's about the cover, Lil, not the story #try to focus. Look at how beautiful the color of the beach, how carefree the woman in the picture, barefooted (thanks God, not naked), with the wind blows her hair. Awesome.  

1. Sky Burial by Xinran. 

The land of Tibet is as always mysterious as the Tibetans. The way they live is as wonderful as the way they treat the deceased ones. A picture of Tibet landscape with some vultures flying above is magical yet excruciating.   

Well, I'm satisfied with the Top of Book Cover since it has both great cover and great story. How about yours?

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