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#14 Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally

EBook format
Publisher Sourcebooks Fire, December 3rd 2013
Rating 3,5/5
At first, I thought that this is gonna be like a Cinderella story in modern way. But then it turns out to be a bit different. Ok, a bit different I said. But forget about fairy godmother, helpful mice and glass shoes and malicious step sisters. This Cinderella really works on becoming an honorable princess with degree and pride.

Savannah Barrow, a seventeen year old girl just moved out from West Virginia to Cedar Hills, Tennessee. There, the Barrow family would start a new life serving their new boss, Mr. Goodwins and family. This family has a  horse farm that breed racing horses. Star, a young wild horse has a bright future to be the next star, unfortunately this young horse only feels comfortable around girls. Savannah has fallen for this horse for the first time. She apparently falls for the owner, too, Jack Goodwins. Savannah has a great chance to be the jockey of Star in prestigious races as well as change her family condition. But, the chances to be the successful horse jockey is as great as to get paralyzed since this sport is brutal.

This third Seri of Hundred Oaks is a bit different from the previous series I read, Stealing Parker and Catching Jordan. Parker and Jordan are from prominent families with wealth that can support their dream (they still fight for it,though). Savannah is from underprivileged family that college is a far cry. Not to mention to get attention from Jack. The similarity is that 3 of them work hard on reaching what they want to be. Despite the wealth, Jordan has a very difficult father to agree with her career. Savannah, her family condition influences her to get along with others, including girls. But, Miranda seemed to make her life easier by giving her Jack and family. Hmmm…. It’s different from some local dramatic drama, I guess hahaha…

Among 3 girls in these series, I think Savannah is the toughest, but I thought my favorite character is still Jordan. I don’t know why. I just love her. And Miranda didn’t put a lot of jokes here compared to Catching Jordan. Another thing that made me prefer Jordan (the story) is some scenes that might remind me of some sinetrons or Korean drama: the have-not girl working in the have-guy, doing household chores, such as mopping, serving meals, etc. Well, I think Miranda can do better than that in describing different classes between Jack and Savannah :D But still, the story is worth reading especially for those who love reading romance with some dreams to reach

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