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#26 The Perks of being wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

EBook format 127 pages (Aldiko reader)
Published 1999 by MTV Books and Pocket Books
Rating 4/5
Dear Charlie,
I read all your letters to your friend. I'm sure I'm one of your friends and really wanna be your best friend. 

As I told you before, I read all your letters. Some made me giggle, even laugh and some others made me devastated that someone like you - I never thought before -exist. I never know that being a friend of someone can be that hard (especially as a freshman like you), and being a part of a warm family like yours can be that hard, sometimes. Luckily, you got Patrick and Sam, to whom you put your first love (is she?)

I read all your letters (I've told you this, right?) so I know how you love your family, how you're proud of your brother as a football player, how you care of your sister when she was in torn apart of her break-up, and how obedient you were listening to your grandpa to stay in family instead of storming to see Sam. I know how you love your best friends, Sam and Patrick, even Craig-Sam's boyfr, and Brad, Patrick's boyfr. How you love to see them together. And how you love Bill and his books. I know some of the books Bill lent you, alas, I haven't read all of them :( . Oya, how you can be a part of bloggers with your writings of the books you read :D

As you wrote in your letters that I read (did I tell you this? Okey, apparently I start babbling), you said you see things, things that made you traumatic, the death of your beloved aunt Helen and your best friend Michael. You keep turning to your aunt Helen every time you feel sad. You made her a kind of company to talk to, to share with. I don't say that I have almost similar things to you. I see things that I don't expect to happen, bad things that happen to me sometimes, to my beloved family or close friends. Fortunately I have really good friends who are always there for me, and caring family so I can push away those hallucinations.  You do have yours, but things sometimes not on your side that you felt abandoned. 

Charlie, I'm not going to judge you for trying to smoke, drink alcohol and even taste pot. I know if I were in your position, feel the same thing as you do, maybe I would. I would try anything to get rid of what I feel including trying the things I'm not supposed to try, especially when I have a popular busy brother, a sister who is deeply in love with her boyfr and doesn’t have time for me, while I don't have anyone but hallucinations that keep coming that scare me to death. Especially when I realize there's something wrong with me. Psychiatrist doesn't help a lot, neither the medicines. Having friends is a way out to keep my mind busy, just like you. 

Dear Charlie,

I watched the movie adaptation released in 2012 a couple of hours ago. I see some parts of you in Logan Lerman, the actor who acted as you there. He kinda cute and played very well, though he doesn’t really look 15 or 16 to me. He impersonated you quite well despite his age, which is older than you in the book. Sam is really lovely, too. I'm sure, if you really see her, you would fall for her, the one you fell for in the book. Patrick looks cool, too, with his curly hair. Oh, well, from the movie I know your sister's name, the thing you didn't tell in the book, it's Candace, it's unfamiliar name, but great. As always, movie adaptation can't be as detailed as the book I read. But still, I was quite teary when I watched it, the thing I did after I finished reading your letters last night. The good thing is, I didn't see you smoke or drink there :))

Well, Charlie, I think I understand that you would stop writing letters since you are eager to 'Participate' more in your life. I love the ending both in the bookoand the movie. You should ask your best friends to see you there, in the movie. Who knows, you can participate in giving your opinions about Lerman as you or Emma Watsan as Sam.

I should stop writing this letter now. Wish you're always safe and sound.
Love always

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