Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally

Ebook 242 pages
Published October 1st 2012 by Sourcebooks Fire
Rating 4/5

How would you react to your mother’s scandal that turned the whole town towards you? No one was willing to talk you and judge you would have the same scandal as your mother?

Parker Shelton, seventeen year old senior high school student is going to turn eighteen. Her perfect life seemed to happen years ago after she found out about her mother who left her family to live with her lover. All her perfect life would never be the same, but Drew Bates, her best friend. After she left her softball team, she just wanted to mingle with guys around. She thought by doing so, she would wipe out people’s thought about her turning like her mother. 

One day, Drew offered her to take stats and help with the equipment in his baseball team. She agreed just to stay beside Drew and of course, get closer to cute guys. Heaven knows, on the day she started her new career, she met this cool guy, Brian Hoffman, coach assistant. She fell for him on her first sight. So did Brian, a twenty three year old coach assistant, who couldn’t turn his eyes off Parker. 

Drew, who seemed to enjoy his relationship with his girlfriend, Amy, suddenly announced that he broke up with her and said he got another crush. The truth shocked Parker, finding that Drew got a crush on a guy she started to get close to, Corndog or Will Whitfield. She found out that her relationship with assistant coach Brian Hoffman got more intimate and hotter, what she needed just was just wait for her turning to eighteen years so that she was eligible to bring to bed. Meanwhile, her relationship with Will seemed to be nice, possible to get further. Which one of these two cute baseball players should she choose?

Reading this novel reminds of Stephanie Parker’s novels, light and fun. But Miranda put some more issues in her novels. Torn between two lovers is not just difficult to choose, but listening to your heart is more important, even when it deals with God. Parker was raised in a devout Christian family. She was never absent from Sunday church. Her father was an avid Bible reader. Regrettably, when his relationship with a new woman didn’t work well because of some rumors at church, he just kept reading his pray instead of doing something. Similarly when Ryan, Parker’s brother almost got an OD, he didn’t do much but pray. Miranda wanted to show that devotion to God is important but working on solving a problem is a must. In some of her journals, Parker wrote how she regretted to keep praying while God seemed to be far away, at the other times; she freaked out doing sin and claimed to be a sinner extraordinaire. Lol. 

I love how Parker got closer to Will. It seems natural, while hers with Brian looks fair, too seems she got a lot of time in her team. At first, I thought Brian would be the apple of the readers’ eyes, but I was wrong. I’m sure everyone would go to Will aka Corndog. Well, at first I didn’t like this nick name. but as the story goes on, it sounds cute though. My favorite part was when Parker accidentally slept together with Will and drooled on his shirt. I couldn’t imagine if someone drools on you and you okay it hahaha. My favorite part for Parker – Drew was when they watched Harry Potter marathon. Read their chat while watching the movie”

Drew: “As a house elf, would you rather be responsible for combing Hagrid’s beard or washing Snape’s greasy hair?”
Parker: “Gross! Uh, I’d rather comb the beard because I might find interesting animals or food in there. I might even find mini bottles of butterbeer or something.” LOL

My favorite part for Parker – Brian is when they had their first chat about their family and Brian said: “It’s a scary thing to wake up and realize the people you need most aren’t nearby anymore…But you keep moving.” Whatever happens, life really keeps moving. 

I would recommend this book to all of you who love romance plus sports especially baseball. :D

1 Response to "Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally"

  1. hehe.. buku favoritku. Di Things I Can't Forget si Parker sama Will muncul lagi lho... namanya udah Will, bukan Corndog lagi. Tapi aku nggak begitu suka ceritanya Kate (tokoh utamanya Things I Can't Forget).


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