Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Paperback 460 pages
Published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama, December 2004
Rating: 3,5 stars 

Yataaaaa.... finally I finished after, hmmm...about a month? ckckckck...

Well, actually I did want to give 4 or 5 stars to this book, but I couldn't deny that I found myself bored in the middle of reading this. Why? Maybe it's because it's too detailed that I prefer skipping some pages without reading them :D

The book has three chapters: before Pacific Ocean, On The Pacific Ocean and after The Pacific Ocean. (Frankly, I forgot all titles in the chapters :D :D)

I read some reviews that they preferred reading while Pi was on the Pacific ocean. Since I was a bit bored of the first chapter, I was really looking forward to Pi with Richard Parker on the ocean. Yet, I thought it was as detailed as the previous chapter, or I'd better say, it's as boring as the previous chapter. I skipped more pages here.

So, why would I give 3,5 stars to this book if it is that boring? Hmmm... I liked some parts here, like the way Pi got attracted to some religions different from his family background. Pi, at his young age, could get impressed of the way people worship was really something. Compared to other kids at his age, who would have attracted to that kind of thing? Not to mention Pi was serious to learn about those religions. He was even proud to say that he is a Buddhist, Christian, and Moslem. The scene when his 3 teachers met and stated that Pi was their good disciple was really hilarious! Besides that, I also love the narration telling about some animals, about his family loving animals, and his satirical message of who was the cruelest animal on the earth.

However, the chapter I was looking forward to, when Pi was on the ocean, though it was exhilarating, some scenes really made me giddy. The scene when Pi killed the turtle using axe, slurping its blood, saying that it's sweet and healthy really gave me yuck. Moreover, he told in detailed about how he caught, killed, peeled, and enjoyed it raw. Well, it's about survival on the Pacific ocean with a tiger on your side. But still, he didn't need to be that obvious, right?

Well, overall, I'm glad that I finally finished reading this book, and now I'm ready to watch the movie version. I'm sure I would be very fussy commenting this and that, like always :D

Last but not least, I'm grateful to a friend of mine who spoiled me about the end of the book, about the metaphor, hahahahaha... Perhaps, I would not consider it important since i was mention at glance. I wonder if the movie has the metaphor. I bet NOT :D

The movie trailer, the movie was released in 2012 by Ang Lee as the director

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