Dengeki Daisy volume 4 by Kyousuke Motomi

Read scanlation only
Published October 11, 2009 by Gramedia (m&c)
Rating 3/5

I think the pace gets a bit slower than usual. Teru is still the main cause of trouble of the people around her. Well, she's not the one who causes the problem, actually, but it seems that the world only turns around her, and she's still the magnet of catastrophe.

After she finds out the truth about Daisy, that Daisy is Kurosaki, her life is not the same again. She trembles and gets nervous every time she gets close to him. Kurosaki, on the other hand, never has any hunch of him being found out as Daisy.

On this volume, there is another character that is put on Teru's side, the chairman of the school. I just wonder, why there are a lot of people gathering around Teru to protect her? Is there really something worth her life that her brother left after he died? One protagonist is added, but the antagonist, I think, remains the same-the people who want to give Teru troubles, both inside and outside school. Oh ya, one antagonist in Teru's school, Morie sensei. But until I finished reading volume 5, there's no clue of who Morie sensei is.

Well, I can say that this volume is a bit boring, or I'm the one who got bored of Teru's feeling towards Kurosaki. It's thrilling when Kurosaki does something silly to her, but on Teru's side, she becomes a boring character, i think.

Anyway, I still feel enthusiastic reading the following volume, but after finishing volume 5, and I got disappointed with the scene, where they are supposed to kiss, it is just, meh, aaaaaaarrrgghhhh... why don't they just kiss? It's shoujo manga, anyway, right?

I stop reading it for a while. I just miss reading a novel. ;)) Wait until I miss Kurosaki wkwkwkwk...

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