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LAskar Pelangi (Andrea Hirata)

Published in 2008 by Bentang Pustaka

Paperback, 534 pages

This review is based on multiple intelligence point of view

I accepted my friend's request to substitute her on Friday, teaching her class Intermediate 2. The topic was about Multiple Intelligence. Well, it was my first time to teach the level, so I had to prepare it well. I read the long reading from the book. The deeper I read it, the more I recognize someone special from the book I was reading, Lintang.

 For those who read the best seller book Laskar Pelangi by Andre Hirata will know what kind of student Lintang used to be. An amazingly intelligent student who really exist in a poor pathetic school in Belitong. I found out how many intelligences he had out of 8 multiple intelligences that Dr. Howard Gardner describes.

 His friends especially the writer Ikal named him as the brain since he was good almost in all subjects. From the theory of multiple intelligence that Dr. Gardner describes there are 8 characteristics; logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic, bodily kinesthetic and musical intelligences.
From the writer's story, Lintang got excellent scores at aqaid (akidah), Al-Qur'an (Moslem's holy book), fikih, tarikh Islam (Islam history), self-esteem, 

kemuhammadiyahan (rules of the Muhammadiyah, the religious teachings), citizenship, and English. That's not all. He got perfect score in biology, math and its variations; arithmetic, algebra, and science. If Einstein was good at science, Shakespeare was good at writing, Mozart was good at music, and other genius in the world were mostly good at two or three subjects, Lintang was excellent in almost all things. Not to mention his relationship with his friends. He could be both a great teacher and motivator for his friends. He amazed everyone during local Cerdas Cermat (what is it in English? ). He was a legend for his poor pathetic old school.  

From the Dr. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, I know that it’s not impossible for someone to have more that half of the existing intelligences described by Gardner. Lintang is the real example. He got logical-mathematical, linguistic intelligences judging from his perfect score. He could mingle with his friends and enjoy the what-so-called as brutal activity (ice skating using ‘pelepah pinang’ as skater, not to mention their search for Flo and haunted mountain climbing). It shows that he got interpersonal and bodily kinesthetic intelligences. What’s more, he realized that he was from a poor family that expected him to change the family’s fate. However, he couldn’t resist when it’s time for him to end his never ending-guzzling knowledge. His beloved father passed away and he had to leave his school in his secondary school. It gives me a picture of an intrapersonal intelligence. Another intelligence he got is naturalistic intelligence. He could turn simple things into useful ones. Other two intelligences: spatial and musical didn’t belong to him. People would think that God Almighty is being unfair giving hi m so many gifts. They belong to Mahar, the real artist from Belitong.

 One thing left in my mind as soon as I finished reading the book. I keep thinking what happens to Lintang; the writer already told that he became a truck driver. His eyes were as bright as before. His intelligences didn’t fade away. Yet, he got tired of fighting his fate.  With the success of the book and the regret of the writer for seeing Lintang’s condition, will he—the writer—give support to Lintang to pursue what he has left behind? Well, maybe I am a kind of person who is not accustomed to seeing a non happy ending story!!! 

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  1. Lintang memang sosok yang luar biasa cerdas. Sayangnya nasib baik nggak berpihak padanya. Tapi justru nasib buruk Lintang-lah yang membuat Ikal bertekad menempuh pendidikan setinggi mungkin.

    Sudah baca lanjutannya? :)

    1. Hehehe... vaan, for your information, ini ripiu sudah kutulis sejak tahun berapa ya? jaman masih hangat2nya buku ini dibahas. Ripiu ku post di blog satunya, sekarang ku copas disini. gicuuuu :D
      Buku lainnya ngga (belum) ditulis ripiunya :D, meski sudah khatam semuanya

    2. Owwwh... maapkeun diriku. Sempat mikir tadi, masa iya baru baca? Secara daku aja yang baru baca Toilet Saga ini malah sudah baca semua buku Laskar Pelangi. Baiklah kakaaaak. Ditunggu review-nya kalau begitu... :D