Minggu, 12 Agustus 2012

Iriver Cover Story Ebook Reader (Korea)

It feels like a dream to have this gadget. I’ve been involved in ebook since 2006 or so. At that time, I got my cell phone, Sony Ericsson K750i, as my e-reader. Later, I got O2 as my e-reader. I did enjoy this gadget to read any kinds of books even though the lit converter was not as easy as today. The PDA I got really came in handy. It could handle many kinds of tasks, not to mention the browser, the windows mobile, etc. I was extremely broken hearted when it was broken one day after I got an accident when I was biking. From then on, the comfort of reading in PDA kept haunting until I finally found Iriver Cover Story EB05.

It a bit broke my heart when I read a posting in a blog, saying that the writer of the blog had been dreaming of having an e-reader for 4 years until he finally got one. Did I have to wait that long to get my dream e-reader? Thanks God, I don’t need to wait that long. At first I set my heart to Sony PRS 900 after reading an article in a tabloid. But then, I realized that there’s no chance for me to get one since the price is high through the sky. As an alternative, I kept browsing here and there to find one affordable e-reader. There are so many brands of e-reader that I could name all. I read all the specifications, the formats, and above all, the price. So far, Iriver is the one I could afford.


Well, let me start from the formats this e-reader provides. From the article I got, this gadget should read almost all of formats: epub, pdf, doc, txt, fb2, prc, jpg, and others. But then, it appears that epub works the best in this tool. Pdf and doc work fine but they don’t really support zoom in appropriately. The worst is this device can’t read prc, pdb or mobi format. Well, alright, so far, I can manage the conversion easily using online converter. Reading comics is not really my big interest but once in a while I read comic like Benni and Mice. Thanks God that this e-reader supports jpg format. The problem is in downloading the comics. It takes much longer time than downloading novels. Some comics are available in pdf format, actually, however, iriver is not that comfortable for reading pdf format. The worst is some comics are available in cbr or cbz format, and this device can’t recognize those formats. Oh, well, I should work hard to convert the graphic novels in cbr/ cbz format. 

Writing is my cup of tea in my free time. When I got my PDA, I could write anything on it, and edit it using document in PC. But this device only supports txt or notepad. The clicking of virtual keyboard also takes few seconds to be recognized by the tool. Hmm, I prefer writing in my cell phone, Nokia E63 which provides pocket office. Another thing o complete the feature is drawing. Memo can be in a form of writing or drawing. Well, I’m not good at drawing actually. Yet, it’s cool for those who like drawing since the format for drawing is jpg. As in writing memo, the stylus takes some seconds to be recognized by the device. 

Another feature I want to describe is dictionary. The dictionary is built in in the gadget. I don’t need to worry about unfamiliar words I find in my reading since the dictionary is ready to help. I can just click the word, and then voila, the translation is there for me. Fyi, this dictionary only works for epub format.

Listening to music, while reading, is fun for everyone, including for me. This gadget provides music to complete the feature. But remember, this device is designed for reading books, so don’t expect too much with the sound of the music produced from it. It’s too soft in a crowd. I need an earphone to enjoy the music using this tool. One minus from this feature is the storage of the music. The device has 2 GB capacity, but storing too many songs inside it will not be recognized. What I have to do is storing the songs into an MMC, and the music feature will work fine. Oya, speaking about music, well, I’m not good at singing though, I sometimes like singing, I can use this device to record my voice. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Overall, I can give 3,5 stars for this device with its pluses and minuses. Another plus thing is the e-ink used in this tool makes me comfortable reading with 5-7cms distance. However, I need an additional lamp to support reading in darkness. Well, for you who love reading, and don’t want to get distracted with the light of the screen of your mobile phone or PC, what are you waiting for? Get one and enjoy the pleasure of reading. 

8 komentar:

  1. Belinya di mana? Adakah toko online-nya?
    Dan... ehm. Harga? :P

    1. Dulu sih beli di papataka.com, sayangnya sekarang sudah diskontinyu :( Terakhir temenku beli harga sdh turun 1,25 jeti.
      Sekarang sih yg lagi dijual di situs itu Sony PRS T1, harga sekitar 2 jetilah. Tapi sdh lebih oke dibanding Iriver ku ini... Ayoo, tentukan pilihan... :D

  2. suka ngiler kalo papataka udah promo ebook reader :(
    di Padang, Pekanbaru ampe batam udah kucari. tapi rata-rata toko2 yang kudatangi pada ga tau ebook reader. dibilangin ciri-cirinya mereka malah pada nyodorin tablet *sigh*
    akhir tahun kemaren Amazon promo kindle hanya $89. tapi amazon mana nyampe Indonesia. hikss nasib..nasib...

    1. Hahaha.... Jangan salah, rie. Meski aku sdh punya e-reader, tapi tiap kali email dr papataka datang en nawarin e reader baru, masih tetep ngiler. Sempet kepikiran ngejual yang ini, tapi ngapain juga ngejar yang itu, yaang ini aja masih keselip sama buku printed kok hihihi... #dasar manusiaaa...

  3. hadeuh...iriver.

    impian yang masih ketunda juga ampe sekarang.
    padahal second-nya udah banyak yg jual

    masih bingung sih mau ereader ato tablet sekalian

    1. Hehehe... ayo, tentukan pilihan, Kalo mau serius baca buku, beli e-reader, tapi bakal tergoda liat teman punya tablet.

      Beli tablet, tapi kegiatan membacanya bakal terganggu dengan ngoprek sofwer android wkwkwkwk...

  4. Kapan itu juga ngincer iriver ini di papataka karena zaman itu kayaknya cuma ini yg available dan sesuai budget tapi... koleksi banyakan format pdf jadi ya kayaknya ga guna juga *galau*

    Nunggu kindle masuk INA kapan yaa~
    Kapan, kapaaaaan... *nyanyi*

    1. Wah, ternyata papataka cukup membuat banyak orang galau ya?

      Masalah PDF kan bisa diselesaikan dengan converter. Jadi, belilah, Ky. Sebelum ngiler terus2an hahaha.

      Oya, beli aja Sony PRS T1. Sudah support PDF DRM malah.