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Book Tag: My Life in Books has tagged me, what is it, feels like a long time. Well, before I attended Indonesian Readers Festival the beginning of December. And now, the third week of December (errr...apparently, I finally finished and uploaded it in the second week of January 2016... hyakakakaka). But, I guess it’s never too late to post such posting no matter how long I abandon the tag #upsss. Sorryyyy, dear Opat :D

1. Find a book of each your initial

I got two initials by the way. L, mostly for may colleagues and my online friends. And N for my childhood friends and my family.

I choose Larung for L. This book is actually didn’t really make me stunned the way ayu Utami made me in Saman. But, still, this book will definitely worth rereading, one day, when my piles of books get slimmer.... That I don’t know :D

I choose Never Let Me Go for my N initial. This book has been kept for quite long time as well as the movie. I’m kind of person who have to read the book first before watching the movie, especially if I already both of them, the paperback and the movie.

2. Count your age along your book shelf. What book is it?

Hmmm... Since I don’t really organize  bookshelf in my library, so I just took the bookshelf in my cupboard that keeps changing everytime. It might change the position next time :P

3. Pick a book set in your city/ state/ country.

This book will definitely be Noni, a young detective from Semarang. The series were taken in years 1980s-1990s by Bung Smas. I’m quite familiar with the names of the streets, the buildings and even the public transportation used at that time.

4. Pick a book that represents a destination you would like to travel to.

Avalon. Regardless it is legendary island or a real island. Blame my deep obsession of Merlin :D

5. Pick a book that is your favorite color.

Well, I don't really choose a book by its color. But as soon as I saw this book, I fell in love with the contrast of the color, plus, the writer is my favorite author. Destiny #tsaaahhh :D

6. Which book do you have the fondest memory of?

I always remember this series for the rest of my life. My sister borrowed from her school library and I got a chance to read it, too. Jo happened to be my favorite character that I always wanted her in all the series. It's impossible, though, since Jo didn't belong to the Famous Five.

7. Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?

I always look forward to reading Agustinus Wibowo work, but reading this work was quite hard for me since the mood was gloomy since the beginning of the story. I thought I could feel the pain the writer wrote in the story. The hardest part was writing the review. I  always think that my review is nothing compared to the book. I couldn't reach even a tip of a finger :D

8. Which in your TBRR pile will give you the biggest sense of achievement?

I haven't got as big as this interest towards Japan when I got this book for free. I just wanted to maximize the price offered by the website when I won the weekly review hohoho. But, then now, I got a lot of exposure of Japan from the dorama I watch and manga I read. I guess, it would be the greatest achievement for me if I could finish this book plus writing a review.

OK, that's all about my book tag. I've been postponing to finish writing this tag for almost two months hahaha...and finally I finish it. yippieee... Let me tag some of my friends that hopefully haven't been tagged yet.

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