Tintin – In The Congo (Herge)


PDF format, 113 pages
Rating 3,5/ 5 stars

This time, Tintin had his adventure in Congo, a country located in Central Africa. As a reporter of "Le Petit Vingtième, he had to report his adventure in Congo. He was welcomed by the locals like a hero. Even Snowy, his dog felt like a celebrity there. Among the warmth of the locals, Tintin had to encounter some problems due to some misunderstandings by few locals and a villain who was assigned to kill Tintin. The chap was assigned to kill him because the boss—Al Capone, king of Chicago gangster wanted to increase his revenues by controlling diamond production in the Belgian Congo. Al Capone had heard all about Tintin, so he decided to shut him up. Tintin’s journey was also distracted by the beasts which were spread along Congo; Crocodile, boa, lion, leopard, not to mention the ferocious wilderness. Thanks to his bright ideas to escape and his courageous dog, Snowy that saved his life several times. 

I admit that this is my first time reading Tintin. I’ve known this comic for so long but I don’t find any interest in reading it. First reason is I don’t find comic interesting but Smurf. I read Donald Duck when i was kid, but my near sighted eyes always complained reading the letters inside the bubbles. Second reason is i never have this comic before. Seriously? Yes, I’m serious. My father didn’t really introduce me to this comic when I was kid. I got this comic downloaded from internet #blushing…

And my first reason was wrong. Tintin is indeed fun to read. It’s witty and full of surpises. I read it one day before Posting bareng. I could finish it, of course since the pages don’t matter (113 pages) and the story is fun. I like the way the author expressed his humor. One last thing, Tintin was popular in 1930 something, however, he was equipped with advanced tools in his adventure ; camera to take pictures and video tape, and gramopohone plus voice recorder. And he brought them all to Congo ? Wooow… Awesome…

5 Responses to "Tintin – In The Congo (Herge)"

  1. eh versi pdf ini berwarna juga, mbak?

    1. Hahaha... Ngga. Kayak tipi jaman dulu. Black and white :)

  2. tintin tuh gambaran reporter investigator paling keren sepanjang masa ya =D pengen banget ketemu aslinya hahaha

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. halamannya banyak juga yak! cari, ah! :D


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