Scene on Three (7)

Hmmm... Been a long time I don't update this meme since....when? I don't remember hahaha... and suddenly, out of the blue, mak bedunduk, while I was reading a book for Posting bareng this month, I had the urge to post some scenes that I thought would be very descriptive that can cause mixed feelings. This is one of them:

Funny or not, the bombs kept falling and the winter was cold and the people were hungry. Orphans by thousands of roamed the streets in their rags and boils, slumped in doorways, begging for food, clothing, anything. There was nothing to give them. So they starved and froze and died in the snow. their arms frozen outward, still begging. The children who  lived were all scraps and eyes. This was the ghetto: where children grew down instead of up. (Milkweed, page 115 by Jerry Spinneli)

War, in any form of description, either in books or movies, would give sorrow and sorry. The above description was given by an eight-year-old boy who was still growing. Death was his everyday scene that he thought was something common. Hikssss....

Bagi scene-mu di akhir bulan Agustus ini:
  1. Tuliskan suatu adegan atau deskripsi pemandangan/manusia/situasi/kota dan sebagainya dari buku pilihan kalian ke dalam suatu post.
  2. Jelaskan mengapa adegan atau deskripsi itu menarik, menurut versi kalian masing-masing.
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  4. Masukkan link post kalian ke link tools yang ada di bawah post Bacaan B.Zee, sekalian saling mengunjungi sesama peserta Scene on Three.
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1 Response to "Scene on Three (7)"

  1. Wah, udah lama penasaran sama Jerry Spinneli nih, bukunya masih di antrean


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