Minggu, 13 September 2015

Scene on Three #9: Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets


‘I find August in England a rather torpid month. The trees and plants have all done their growing for the year and nature is hanging motionless in suspension before sinking slowly into the decline of winter. There is a brownish look to the countryside and the leaves are hanging heavy on the trees. But if it is nothing else, it is the month of the butterfly. Butterflies are lovely things. They do no harm to man himself either by stinging, biting or spreading disease. Nor are they beneficial to man as the silkworm is or the honeybee. The large white or cabbage butterfly is the only one that is a nuisance because it lays eggs on your cabbages and these hatch out into horrid hungry caterpillars

I imagine, living in England, enjoying those scenes will make me stay awake, probably. Roald Dahl is an expert to describe any nature scenes combined with his feeling plus his sense of humor, or I think I would say, his-a-bit-horrid humor. Displaying the beauty of butterflies seems a perfect month of the year, but then end up as horrid hungry caterpillars. I cant help laughing when I read this. Other months is actually as special as August, but I guess, Augusts ‘scene is a combination between the beauty and the beast :D

Apa scene-mu hari ini?
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  1. Haha, very nice description, the butterfly and the caterpillar.