Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl

Are you into a gory story
Of dirty beasts that won't make you worry
As it turns out to be some kind of animation
Of the author's never ending imagination

First the story of a pig
Whose brain is sort of big
He dreams of doing great thing
But end up eating the owner without a wink

Come next Crocky Wock the crocodile
That puts boys and girls on his food pile
This bed time story will give you nightmare
As the Crocky Wock Crocodile show up to stare

justaveragereader.blogspot.comIntroduce you to this lion
That loves to eat meat in a million
But don't ask what favorite meat he likes to chew
Since he would say It's You

Have you heard a story of Stingaling the Scorpion?
A repulsive ugly thing different from minion
Watch out when you go to bed
As it might crawl onto your head

Here comes the most peculiar pet
An ant-eater never crossed in your head
Roy, the dreadfully spoiled child
Who lost his aunt (read: ant) when the ant eater gone wild

Hooray, shout the little girl
As she got some money as if it were pearl
Alas, the giant porcupine comes to spread its prickles
It surely makes your rump have wrinkles

Yes, this story might be the least beast you behold
Of Miss Milky Dessy the cow, the story must be told
She has some kind of unbelievable deformity
She gives a lesson to Afghanistan traveler instead of pity

The Toad and the Snail, the miraculous friends
Will bring you jump from England to France
Watch out for the people when they eat
Since toad and snail are their favorite meat

Have you heard the sound of your tummy?
It produces sound sort of funny
It demands to raid biscuit tin
It tells anyone it is not a sin

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