Happy ROALD DAHL DAY: Spotty Powder and Other Splendiferous Secrets

Ebook, Epub format 125 pages
Published by Puffin
Rating 4/5

First of all, I'd like to say Happy Roald Dahl Day as today is the day he was born. Yup, it's his birthday. Actually, there's an event celebrating Roald Dahl during this September. As a fan of Roald Dahl, I think I don't want to miss it. I got a bunch of Roald Dahl books and ebooks. I have read some of them, while the others waiting for the right moment to read. And I think it can be that moment :))

Frankly, it never crossed my mind that I have got this ebook in my Iriver E-reader. It must have been stored there for quite a while since I don't use my e reader for quite sometime, too. As I saw the number of the pages, and it has a lot if illustrations, I decided to read this unique book. It wouldn't take long to finish it. Yes, but the review writing takes long time. Duh...

If you have at least 7-10 books of Roald Dahl, maybe it won't take you sometime to relate the stories here and his books. Take an example, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie was a hit with Johnny Depp as the main character there. Charlie and Chocolate Factory underwent a lot of processes of writing and editing by Roald. He was such a perfectionist who love nasty characters. Do you remember how many filthy characters he got in that story? Charlie is the protagonist and the rest of the children were the nasty ones. Roald at first created 10 horrid children who got the ticket to explore the marvelous chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka. And as you know, Roald created each character as horrid as possible that for us, it seems that it's a curse to get such a child. But for him, it made him giggle. Well, sort of different way of giggling... Not just the characters of Charlie, but this book also told about how he loved chocolate and that's way he wrote about it.

Speaking about chocolate, you can find things, a lotta things related to chocolate. Take an example: what nation eats the most chocolate, when the first chocolate factory established, Mr. Wonka's  favorite recipes of chocolate (probably his own favorite?), and more and more I can't recall all of them :))

Other things that I can get to know about this Norwegian author is what he did in his favorite holidays and things in each month of.the year. His problems about spelling is also depicted here. If you have read Boy, A Tale of Childhood, maybe it won't be something new to you. Some of pictures are displayed there that sometimes made me giggle but at the other times I felt touched. His respect to his mother was nothing to compare to any writers I know. Hmmm... Well, I just know Roald by the way hahaha...

I can say that Roald was into nature a lot, since he loved displaying nature around him. He kept notes of habits of frogs and butterflies, the color and song of birds, and other things. His notes, by the way, played the most important role in his career as an author. His keen observation and great imagination put him as an excellent author.

As an author, he was supported by his loyal illustrator, Quentin Blake. This book also tells about how they two met, how Quentin felt to be Roald's well-known books. Quentin started working.with Roald in 1976 with Enormous Crocodile as their first collaboration. From then on, they were inseparable until Roald's death. I can say that Quentin's illustrations really enriched Roald's distinguished ideas. Children, together with adults, would love to read as well as see the illustrations. No matter how horrid the story is, regarding Roald's habit in conveying the stories, there would be a message he was.trying to tell.

Well, overall, I did enjoy reading this book, and long for the paperback if I could find someday. It makes me get to know better my dear author, Roald Dahl.

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