Noah Barleywater Runs Away by John Boyne


Paperback, hardcover 221 pages

Published September 30, 2010 by David Fickling Books

Rating 3/5

This book has been in my list for quite some time. I put it in my ebook reader, I read it some chapters, then left it halfway. I changed my gadget, installed a new app, downloaded it again, read it halfway again. Until then I found this paperback in my friend's online shop, secondhand book. Oh, it seems that it's my time to have the real book, and read it from cover to cover. Yeay!

This is a story of an eight-year-old boy who runs away from to escape what he's got at his ome. He thought that if he runs away, he would get an unforgettable adventure that he might be proud of, that he could put it as one of his achievements in his life. So, here is the story...

One day, noah woke up and thought to leave his warm house to welcome a new adventure. Not bringing anything but himself, he got to the first village where he met an apple tree. The fruits looked so tempting that he tried to take some. However, He got caught by someone that he managed to run away. On his second village, he met a man who was reading newspaper that one of the articles reported about the apple theft that happened in the previous village. Noah could see himself in the article. This time, he survived from being caught.

I sensed something weird from the story. But well, this is a children story, remember? Any weird thing is fun.

On his third village, Noah met an old man, a very talented craftsman who carved a lot of things from wood. A toy shop in the middle of a forest, who would have thought about such a place?

In this village, Noah spent much time talking to the craftsman. They had lunch together and shared the story of their life heart to heart. What made Noah run away frm home and why the old man survived his toy shop without having any customers. It's been while for the craftsman to have a real chat with a real human, while for Noah, it's not easy to be frank of his reasons why he ran away. The old man's story of his life opened his heart that he still got the precious time to be together with his loved ones at home. He's just eight after all.

Well, I never thought I would enjoy reading this weird yet fantastic story of Noah. It has some fantasy in it, especially in the craftsman's toyshop. How could someone survive only talking to his puppets, his rolling door, his passing donkey and dachshund. Yet, the story is heartwarming, touching and somewhat witty in some scenes. It reminds you all of your loved ones at home, and suggest to maintain the happy moments while you still can. I somewhat remember my mom when she was sick. My sisters and I were there to take care of her until the very last minute. If only Noah didn't meet the old man, I'm sure the regretful feeling would engulf him for the rest of his life. 

Well, I'm glad I finally finished the book.  

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