The Maid at My House by Mihoko Kojima

The Maid at My House by Mihoko Kojima

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Published by Akita Publishing Co, Ltd
Rating 3/5

After reading some chapters of An Incurable Case of Love (Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo), I’ve been reading some random mangas without finishing them. Instead, I was lost in some fantasy novels while gluing myself to Koi Tsudu dorama. And here I am, finishing one complete shoujo manga. Well, to be honest, I don’t find romance shoujo manga is fascinating. They have almost similar topics, ideas, plots, you name it. But I wonder why and how, it’s somehow addicting :D

Looking at the title, it somewhat reminds me of another shoujo manga, entitled Maid-sama (Kaichou wa Maid-sama) by Hiro Fujiwara. I read some chapters, by the way, but then I preferred watching the anime. LOL. The story in this manga revolves around Runako-chan, who is a daughter of the owner of maid dispatching service company. She got an offer to take care of the house as well as providing healthy meals for Seirei Moroboshi, a 28-year-old popular actor. He’s well-known with his good, friendly  charisma to public. But who knows, he’s moody, bad tempered, sharp tongued at home, especially to Runako-chan.

Thankfully, Runako-chan is not a big fan Moroboshi. Ryo-kun, another star living in the same building as Moroboshi-san. This Ryo-kun seems to be the third wheel later, when the relationship between Moroboshi-san and Runako-chan becomes closer.

What do you expect when two different genders living together? They fall in love to each other? You bet.  The first volume tells much about how annoying Moroboshi-san is. This kind of tsundere really exists anywhere, doesn’t he? People said that love comes from your stomach. When your stomach is full with satisfaction, you’ll love the cook. Moroboshi-san has been living on his own since his parents deceased. So, that’s why, he’s been struggling by himself all this time, including living on his own. He’s not used to be greeted as ‘itterashai’ or ‘okaeri’. Apparently, he’s been touched by Runako-chan’s hospitality. But, it doesn’t mean that he would stop calling her Shrimpy Tanuki. I need to check the meaning of shrimpy tanuki here. According to wiktionary, shrimpy means tiny, little, small. And tanuki means raccoon dog. Looking at Runako-chan’s figure, yup, she’s smaller, or shorter than Moroboshi-san, but raccoon? Hmmm… it might be for yelling, bullying, but it ends up as something lovable nickname for Runako-chan.

Well, you can guess the later story after these two young people fall in love to each other. a popular actor falls in love with a maid? It might be a big hit for entertainment world news. The manager and the producer really got annoyed to their relationship. But, who could stop the love of these two? After some drama here and there, they finally have their happy ending. The end. Lol.

I read some mangas about similar romance: a public figure and a regular girl. Say: Gozen 0 ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite you (Kiss Me at The Stroke of Midnight)—waiting for the live action movie, Momoiro Heaven—wishing to be made into live action. LOL. I wonder why the public figure here is always the guy, while the regular one is the girl. Does it mean that popular girl cannot fall in love with the regular guy? Ah, I suddenly remember about Anoko no Toriko. This one is a bit different, though the love story between an actress and a regular guy takes place. But, the male lead later becomes an actor as well as a model. So, I think I cannot include the manga.  Can you come up with another manga that has similar plot? Leave it in comment below. I’d love to read it.

Overall, this is a relaxing light shoujo manga. The comedy and touching scenes are there. However, don’t expect too much of this short slice of life manga.

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